I will try to add to this page and keep it up to date. Feel free to contact me with suggestions if you know any helpful resources!



For $65/week you can have unlimited access to texting your therapist. My therapist usually responds at least once a day but sometimes more. I can also view her schedule to set up a phone or video appointment whenever she is free. This app also hosts mental health groupinars to attend daily.


This meditation app offers two free weeks and has guided meditations for any length of time on virtually any subject. I started with a week of Feeling Happier and now I’m doing a week of Loving Yourself.

DBT Coach

This app has a multitude of resources for people considering DBT therapy. DBT therapy is frequently used for people with Borderline Personality Disorder, but can be used as a resource for anyone dealing with extreme or difficult emotions.


The National Alliance on Mental Illness has been a valuable resource for me and my family on multiple occasions.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Addiction is no joke. It’s hard to get mentally healthy if you are still in active addiction. AA can connect you with people who know what you are going through.