When We Die

The same cells and atoms which contained our thoughts and feelings compost and become dirt and plants for other animals to eat and nourish themselves. Our conscious minds are no more, simply because the electrical impulses in our brain no longer have the energy to function. But so many people wonder and wish and pray…More


I’m writing this one for me. But I hope you enjoy it too! I have group therapy with my mom tonight and I’m anxious as heck, so I am writing this to distract myself. Integrity is adherence to moral and ethical principles. A soundness of moral character. Honesty. It’s weird to think about integrity with…More

Returning to Mindfully Crazy

There couldn’t be a better title for this post. Because I lost it, y’all. The mindfulness that I had worked on years to cultivate had disappeared through a combination of falling out of practice and falling off the wagon. Mindfulness is the practice of being aware of and present in the moment. It means not…More

Intrusive Thoughts

Okay readers, let’s get into some heavy shit. I used to think shit like this wasn’t all that heavy because the world is a place full of terrible possibilities and outcomes and so I used to think that ruminating on intrusive thoughts was normal. Let me digress: when my mom and my stepdad first met,…More


Family is an enigma to me. We were always loud and wild Democrats who believe in what’s good in the world. Baby boomer Democrats. The kind who still follow Bill Maher after he so casually dropped the N-word on HBO. The kind who want equal rights without equal responsibility. The kind who destroyed the economy…More

Can CBD Help Depression?

Cannabidiol or CBD oil has been touted as a miracle in the health and wellness community. Recently it has made waves in the media as a substance, free from psychoactive effects, which can help with many ailments from anxiety to chronic pain. New studies and information are coming out every day, which leaves people wondering,…More

Burning and Learning

February 1996Doug Spybrook On Father’s Day 1992, I laid down on the couch to take a nap. When I awoke, I was trapped in a blazing inferno. In a few short minutes, I was rendered unconscious. I died three times while in a coma, and the doctors asked my family if they wanted to “pull…More

Hootsuite vs. Buffer: Best Social Media Manager

What is your favorite social media platform? Mine is Instagram, although I’ve noticed it’s shifting to Twitter and LinkedIn as I focus on my professional career. Not all social media is created equal, and managing social media professionally is vastly different from checking in on your friends and family. And proper social media management can…More

How to Build a Portfolio From Scratch

A respectable portfolio is essential to a successful freelance career. A portfolio is a collection of work that you create to exhibit your abilities to potential clients. Being able to provide clients with examples of your work will build trust and establish the style of work you can provide. Write The only way to build…More

What it’s like to work for METRO.

Written by AJ Firstman, a freelance writer for METRO. What is METRO? METRO is a freelance writing portal that specializes in producing content for the websites of retailers like Best Buy, Staples, and Sam’s Club. While they occasionally post articles and other tasks, you’ll mostly see tasks for product descriptions between 50-500 words. Is it…More